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Article accepted at ITAP/HCI2022


The paper Intergenerational digitally mediated relationships: How Portuguese young adults interact with family members over 65+ was approved to be presented at 8th International conference on human aspects of IT for the aged population. The ITAP conference addresses the design, adaptation and use of IT technologies targeted at older people in order to counteract capacity changes due to age, support cognitive, physical and social activities, and maintain independent living and quality of life.

Written by Inês Amaral, Ana Marta Flores, Eduardo Antunes and Maria José Brites, the article explores the relations and practices of intergenerational digital mediation in Portugal, considering the issue of population ageing, its differences and inequalities. The research starts from the following questions: (RQ1): How do Portuguese young adults interact online with family members aged 65+; (RQ2): Do intergenerational digital relationships promote active citizenship participation? The survey has a representative sample (N=1500) of the Portuguese population of young adults between 18 and 30 years old. The results show that the most frequent activities to interact with relatives aged over 65 are a) sending messages through mobile applications (48.67%); b) using social networks (48.66%); c) making audio calls with them through mobile applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger (46.45%) and d) encouraging them to search for reliable information on the Internet (44%).

The main conclusion of the study is that the Portuguese context suggests intergenerational solidarity associated with technologies helps to combat social isolation, promote autonomy and prevent dependence within the older generations. The work will be presented in the session Intergenerational perspectives and ageing: challenges and reflections. The conference will take place online from 26 June to 1 July 2022.