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Ana Marta M. Flores and Eduardo Antunes, researchers of the MyGender project, will participate in the VI Congresso de Literacia, Media e Cidadania, which will take place on 21 and 22 April 2023, at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa.

Ana Marta M. Flores will present the paper entitled “Hábitos de uso e perceções sobre a partilha de dados nas apps por jovens em Portugal” (Usage habits and perceptions about data sharing in apps by young people in Portugal), which was written in collaboration with Inês Amaral and Eduardo Antunes. Eduardo Antunes will present the paper “Perceções de literacia mediática digital em jovens em idade adulta: mulheres e pessoas com ensino superior como mais capazes de realizar determinadas atividades” (Perceptions of digital media literacy in young adulthood: women and people with higher education as more capable of performing certain activities), also co-authored with Inês Amaral and Ana Marta M. Flores.

The VI Congresso de Literacia, Media e Cidadania will have “Transição Digital e Políticas Públicas” (Digital Transition and Public Policies) as its theme and is organised by the Media Literacy Research Group. The event aims to highlight the importance of media literacy in the current context of digital transition and its role in the empowerment of all citizens in public policies adopted at national and international levels. See the full programme here.

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