The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLUC) is one of the eight faculties of the University of Coimbra (UC), a Portuguese public and autonomous higher education institution created in 1290. FLUC is part of the UNESCO World Heritage place “University of Coimbra, Alta, and Sofia”, since 2013. FLUC enrols a UNESCO chair and is one of the most respected schools in Portuguese-speaking countries. Portuguese language and culture are a central vector both in the faculty and UC’s strategic development.

Internationalization has been one of the Faculty’s main concerns with special effect in Education and Research. Regarding Education, the Faculty manages 13 undergraduate degrees, 27 master’s degrees, and 12 doctorates. There are currently around 3300 students, 450 originating from over 40 different countries. FLUC has 9 research units: Center for Archaeological Studies at the Universities of Coimbra and Porto; Center for Classical and Humanistic Studies; Center for General and Applied Linguistics; Center for Portuguese Literature; Center for Scientific Research on Forest Fires; Center for the History of Society and Culture; Center for the Study of Geography and Territorial Planning; Inter-University Center for German Studies; and Institute of Philosophical Studies. Within the faculty’s scientific scope there are also 12 journals.