MyGender – Mediated young adults’ practices: advancing gender justice in and across mobile apps (PTDC/COM-CSS/5947/2020)

MyGender will be the first-ever study in Portugal aimed to investigate how young adults engage with the technicity and imaginaries of mobile applications, incorporating them into their daily lives, embodying it in their everyday practices and (re)negotiating from it their gender and sexual identities. Challenging research focused either on the risks and opportunities or on the uses and gratifications of digital practices, MyGender will depart from an understanding of technology as producing meaning, subjectivity, and agency shaped by power relations. Adopting a critical perspective of contemporary digital media, the project will analyse mobile apps affordances, grammars, platform politics and content, as well as their uses, appropriations and embodiment, to understand how they are shaping hegemonic normativity and changing young adulthood lives.